Emerging Technologies Specialist


Aug 2008 – Jun 2011

ETS signI helped bridge the gap between IBM’s Research and Development divisions, identifying ways for future IBM Software products to exploit upcoming technologies.

I advised companies on a variety of topics, such as web 2.0, the social web, mobile technologies, augmented and virtual realities, biometrics, cloud computing, and the mining and analysis of Big Data: large, Internet scale sources of data.

I worked for UK and US Government departments, multinational banks, retailers, airlines, insurance and financial services companies, Universities, police and military forces, and many more.

My consulting ranged in scope from giving presentations and talks, to the creation of prototypes and proof-of-concepts that allowed business leaders to see the potential business impact of embracing emerging technologies.

Examples of my work…

I’ve written a brief summary of some of the prototypes and proof-of-concepts that I worked on while at ETS.

More info…

I’ve blogged about what ETS do before, as well as mentioning it when I first joined the team.