GSM BSS Radio Sub-systems Software Engineer


Jul 2000 – Sep 2001

I worked in Development and Service at Motorola on GSM Radio Sub-System software, developing low-level networking protocol stacks.

My main job was the development of the real-time embedded software that runs in GSM Base Stations.

This included design and development of new features, maintenance of legacy code, and providing technical customer support.


Two highlights were receiving the LCGI City and Guilds award, and being awarded a student scholarship to pay for my remaining University tuition fees, in recognition for my efforts.

More info…

I wrote a report about my work at Motorola (pdf) for the LCGI Award

Reason for leaving

This was a fixed-term contract – an industrial placement as a part of my Computer Science degree. I was asked to stay for an extra month beyond my originally contracted end-date, before my return to University. I was also invited to return after I graduated.